Our Expressions


VZ has over the years used the Innovention Series to start the conversation on untapped opportunities for collective progress in Africa. The objective of the Innovention series is to bridge the gap between innovation and invention, while sharing the spirit of African optimism, fostering sustainability, growth and development in Africa. 

Innovention has grown over the years to become a platform for Verdant Zeal’s expression of creativity, mainstreaming our passion for Africa into our drive to spreading African Optimism


Think and Act (TACT) is a Verdant Zeal-inspired, engaging, and informative talk show, designed to provide insights on various topics and themes in the continuously evolving content, marketing, and communications landscape in today’s fast-paced and interconnected society. 

Designed to enlighten, educate, and initiate forward-thinking and application of well-thought-out ideas to emerging trends and industry-related issues, TACT delves deep into the key strategies, trends, and innovations that are shaping the future of marketing communications with the topics it addresses. 

TACT is one of the initiatives through which Verdant Zeal continues to cement its place in thought leadership and think-thank circles, as the program, over the years has continued to unearth numerous, quality life and business hacks, with seasoned presenters, informing and providing practical and up-to-date solutions to the challenges of the constantly evolving world of communications and marketing.